The Grownome Origin

Alerts, Ai Predictions and Peace of Mind for all farmers, growers and tinkerers

An Assistant to Help You Grow

The Grownome Origin empowers you to be a more successful farmer and grower

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Meet the Grownome Origin

The Grownome Origin measures temperature and humidity, and provides snapshot pictures. This live data is available anywhere with internet access. You now have the power to detect and correct problems before damage occurs.

Grownome Origin Alerts

If you set a limit on temperature or humidity, you will automatically be notified if your grow exceeds (or falls below) these limits. Ditch the bedtime anxiety caused by unattended plants. If there is an issue, we will text you.

Keep an Eye Open

Check the visual status of your grow any time, anywhere. The built-in camera takes a photo every minute so that you always have an up-to-date, realtime visual.

Predicting Diseases with AI

Our future is to predict diseases and other growing problems in their infancy. We need more users for our machine learning models to evolve. Buy a unit to join our beta program! (Don't worry, our algorithms eat the images, but do not digest your personal data).

Automatic Alerts

Set your own temperature and humidity limits. If a metric rises above or below these limits, you will be automatically notified so that you can fix the issue before it is an expensive problem.

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